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House Wash

Is your house looking a little green? Let us get it back to brand new with a low pressure soft wash. Soft washing is the safest and most effective way to bring your house’s siding back to life. 

Roof Wash

Does your roof have black streaks or patches?  This discoloration is actually a living organism that feeds on the minerals in your shingles and metal. It can degrade the integrity of the roofing which can severely shorten the life of your roof. A clean roof is a happy roof.

Deck & Fence

Wooden surfaces take special care to properly clean without damaging the wood. Using the wrong chemicals or too much pressure can damage the fibers of the wood causing it become “hairy” or splinter. Let McCoy Creek Pressure Washing use their expertise to clean your wooden surfaces. 


Cleaning your home’s concrete surfaces such as sidewalks and driveway can have several benefits. In many cases the “dirt” is actually algae which can  become very slippery. Clean concrete also increases the curb appeal of your house and can even increase the value if you are selling the home. 


Have family or friends coming to enjoy the river? Is your dock covered in bird and mink droppings? Is the causeway looking tired and sun damaged? McCoy Creek Pressure Washing has solutions to make sure your dock is in its best condition to impress everyone.

Darien Dock Wash

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