One of the most common pressure washing questions we get is, how often should we have our home pressure washed? In McIntosh County we find that soft washing your home yearly seems to be the sweet spot. There are factors that can affect the frequency that you should have your home power washed.

The two main contributors to increasing the frequency that your home needs to be pressure washed are shade and humidity. With McIntosh County being fairly humid year round, yearly pressure washing is essential to keeping your home’s surfaces clean and to help them last. The mildew and algae that grow on your home can be quite destructive when left unchecked.

If your home is not washed at the appropriate frequency, you may begin to see paint begin fail, wood begin to rot, metal roof paint begin to bubble and galvanized roofing begin to rust. Check out our FAQ page or contact us to get your customized pressure washing quote and maintenance plan.

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