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What We Do



*Home/Business exteriors.  *Walkways/Front entrances.

*Driveways  *Concrete/Stone parking lots

*Walls/Fences  *Deck/Patios  *Pools/Pool areas

*Construction sites  *Equipment



No matter the job we start off by soaking the area in environmentally safe biodegradable soap to help lift dirt and grim. After 15 minutes of letting the soap do it magic its time to get to work. We will then use the appropriated tips, attachments and temperature to start removing all the dirt and grim from the surface. Once done we let dry and check for any missed or hard spots, If all checks out we will do a final rinse and call it a job well done!

What we will not do

There is a handful of things WE WILL NOT DO  because the risk of damage is to great or the effort is not worth cost for us or the customer. This includes areas where water damage can occur to yours or someone else's property, places where we are to far from our equipment in case of a emergency,  vehicles, boats, RV's.

We also do not do "SPOTS". If you have just a small area that needs to be done then we will charge full price to remove what you want.

Our Promise to You

At MC PRESSURE WASHER SERVICE we strive for integrity that's why we make the promise that if we can not complete the job as we said, we will not charge you!

Reasons to get a cleaning!

Increase Home and Business Value!

According to to several real estate associations, a full pressure washing job (Home/Business exterior, driveway, walkway, deck/patio, pool area and perimeter wall/fence) can increase your homes/business value by 5-10 % That can equal to 10-20 thousand dollars for a average home! At the same time a full cleaning can increase the curb appeal to get your home or business to sell faster by removing all the dirt and grim that a accumulates over the years making it far more presentable to possible buyers and more customers in the door. Pressure washing is widely considered to have the best ROI when it comes to improving your home/business value.  Contact your local real estate agent for more information.

Prevents mold and Residue build up.

One of the key benefits of pressure washing is removing harmful material from the exterior of your home.

Over time, siding and shingles can become host to a variety of harmful growths such as algae, mold, and mildew. In all exterior surfaces, but especially materials such as limestone shingles, the buildup can cause damage when left untreated. In fact, it is the leading cause of roof decay.

The asphalt in roofing may degrade and then be washed away by inclement weather, which means leaks and heavy expenses that could be prevented with seasonal maintenance.

Regular washing can extend the life of your siding and roofing, saving you costly repairs and replacements down the line. 

Keeps Gutters Clear and Functional

Regular washing of areas like the roof, siding, and gutters keeps the exterior of your house functioning as intended. When gutters are clogged with mold and debris, water does not flow away from your home correctly. This can lead to saturation of the exterior walls of your home, which can potentially damage their structural integrity

Water running down your siding can allow it to seep into your walls, can ruin your landscaping and even weaken your foundation. With a little preventative treatment, you can potentially save yourself a myriad of problems- from damaged door trimmings to a leaky basement! Better to save yourself the headache- and potentially thousands of dollars.

Helps Identify Maintenance Needs

When your home is treated with pressure washing, it may help you identify and get ahead of maintenance issues before they become big problems. Cleaning away dirt and debris from your home may expose a number of unknown areas for improvement.

It is especially a good opportunity to identify weak or rotting boards in decking or awnings. By power washing the house, you can take note of any loose, cracked, or missing siding as well. After a hard winter or rainy season, you may find yourself with some minor damage that should be addressed earlier rather than later.

Fixing issues that may be uncovered during a pressure wash can help maintain the exterior integrity of your home and prevent further structural damage. Ensure your home is free of rot, decay, and premature aging by treating it to a routine clean!

Pressure Washing is Part of Responsible Home Ownership

A home is likely the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime, so why not get the most out of it? As with any other routine maintenance, a good pressure clean really is an ounce of prevention for a pound of cure. While it may seem like a big task, luckily there are professionals that can help you with the exterior maintenance of your home.

Our Equipment

Pressure Washer


Rated at 3500 PSI @ 8 Gallons a minute, capable of 260 degrees and a in-line chemical/soap injection system our pressure washers are designed to do what others can't. Don't waste your time and money on what hardware stores have to offer!    

Different tips?


Ever wonder why pressure washers have different tips or figured its not important? Well there is a good  reason to differences. Each color represents a different 'Degree" spray pattern.  

RED is a 0 degree pattern made mostly to remove extremely hard grease and gunk and is rarely used in a home cleaning setting and will cause damage if used improperly.  

YELLOW is a 15 degree Spray pattern mostly used to remove oil, rust and gum. It is used by some as the go to tip but not necessary all the time and also can cause damage if not used properly.

GREEN is a 25 degree pattern and is the industry standard for most applications.

WHITE is a 40 degree pattern and is used for either lite dust removal or as part of a final rinse after the hard stuff has been removed.

BLACK is a 65 degree tip and is used for pressure washers that have chemical injection. It is designed to allow enough flow to mix the water and chemicals to achieve the desired results.



The attachments that can be used with a pressure washing system is endless. Everything from angled tips to reach the hard places to sewer cleaning jets to clean out the subdivisions sewer system but one of the most cost effective and time saving attachment by far is a surface cleaner. Designed to save time by reducing the cleaning time by a factor of 10 and to ensure a uniform cleaning path on driveways and walkways, no pressure washer company should be without one!


*Any job mentioned above is based of the "average" sq. footage of a standard home in the phoenix area. Larger homes and businesses are subject to higher rates based on larger square footage and DIRTINESS. Free estimates are AVAILABLE!

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